Single of the Week: Stock Car Boys’ “Parking Lot Parade”

The Buffalo alternative scene is famous for not being famous, and there are a lot of reasons for that. But we don’t need to get into that right now.  However, recently, a common aesthetic has been circulating around the city: high voltage, Strokes-endearing, pop-sensible garage rock. From Made Violent, perhaps the largest example of this “movement,” to Mags, the new king of it, the sound has been sweeping across the scene rapidly this past year. Could this be what we can finally call the “Buffalo Sound?” If you’ve answered yes, give Stock Car Boys’ new single a listen, and appreciate the newest contender in the Garage Rock collective. If you’ve answered no, that same single will change your mind.

Hailing from Niagara Falls, Stock Car Boys debut single gives MV and Mags a run for their money. Opened with big-ol’ power chords and a singable guitar riff, the track unleashes halfway through the verse. Roscetti provides a powerful vocal track with enough inflection to make Billy Corgan seem static and a little less fuzz than his contemporaries, and the band behind him is every bit as powerful. They’ve found the perfect balance between raw and accessible, a perfect place for Alternative Radio. Most importantly, Stock Car Boys feel totally at home on this track; with just one single they seem to already know who they are and where they’re headed. And the result is one of the finest debut tracks I’ve heard this year.


Recommended for fans of: The Strokes, Made Violent, The Libertines

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