On the Lookout: A Guide to Upcoming Releases

This week, in lieu of reviews on the present, we’ll be focused on both the past and the future. As of right now, this is just a short list of the many upcoming releases from some of the best Buffalo has to offer, and a little about the previous releases these artists have shared. They are in no particular order at all.

As more details are given on these releases and more releases are announced, this post will be updated.

1. For the Record
Formed by members of Kill the Clock, Wild Card, HolKampany, and Dollar Diplomacy, this Buffalo supergroup is currently at work on their debut EP. You can listen to their demos here and check out their other/previous bands below:
 Kill the Clock, Wild Card, HolKampany, Dollar Diplomacy
2. Sweet Apollo
Details are still TBA, but Sweet Apollo plan to release a few more tracks. Will we get another EP? An album? Either way, the Renaissance favorites are sure to deliver. Check out the review of their brilliant Great Deluge EP here, and listen for yourself here to understand why we need these new tracks.
3. The Gentleman’s Quarrel
The Gentleman’s Quarrel are at work on their next release, due summer 2015. Joe Bennett assures, “It will be GQ at its best!” Check out the review of their debut, Sam, here, and listen for yourself here.
4. Yesterday Vs. Tomorrow
YV2 is currently writing what will be “everything that Aurora Borealis wasn’t.” LP2 is due for fall 2015. A secret winter project has been hypothesized, but no detail is available. Check out Aurora Borealis here.
5. Contender/Sacklunch
Nathan Gambino informs, “We’re writing stuff now, and hitting the studio soon! Hopefully this fall!” Enough said. Check out Renaissance’s favorite punk release here.
6. No Vacancy
No Vacancy are currently writing their follow-up to this year’s self-tiled EP. Read the review here.
7. Stock Car Boys
The Gypsy Queen EP coming soon. Each of the songs will first be released as singles. Check out the debut single here, and read the review here.

Keep checking back frequently to know what to look for and when to look for it.


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