Single of the Week: The Lime Line’s “What’s Left?”

It’s an odd story, The Lime Line. One single. Their only release. And then they just vanished. It’s really the stuff legends are made of. Sort of like that mystery singer from earlier this year (they found him by the way)…. So…. that’s what this review is wholly dedicated to. Forming an urban legend around what was The Lime Line.

Well, maybe I’ll just tell the truth instead….

Now the legend has it that Whitecar, Benstead, Kim, Andrews, and Will were once travelers from a distant world not unlike our own. In that world, pop punk was actually creative, and inspiring, and emo had a more positive connotation in society. Looking down at Earth, these travelers decided that it needed to experience the same joys that they had back home. After much debate and many terrible, violent, ungodly ideas, they concluded that the only effective way to do this would be to give us just one song. One 5-minute manual of how to make pop punk sound interesting and enjoyable. And then they just…disappeared… I assume they went back to their home without saying hello or goodbye. Maybe they visited a new world to do the same. Can we ever know? Now, some say that the drummer of Ellsworth bears an eerie, striking similarity to Lime Line vocalist Benstead (I don’t see it), and supposedly the drummer from 3 Hour Power Shower has modeled his image after Tyler Will as some sort of channeling of his abilities. Regardless, their influence remains, and we have this otherworldy doctrine. If all goes as planned, future pop punk acts will take heed of The Lime Line’s advice.


Get the single, that’s all you can do:



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