EPs: Letterbox (s/t)

Yesterday Vs. Tomorrow was playing at the Tralf the other day with some pretty great bands, and I noticed Andrew Douglas writing on some pieces of cardboard. At a closer look, it turned out he was hand-printing a stack of EPs to give out at the show. Now, I’m a sucker for all things DIY so of course, I offered to buy one, but he refused and gave it to me for free. I listened to it the next day and was instantly captivated by the disco-drums and catchy synths of “Dizzy,” and imagined what it’d be like to wave a lighter with a thousand people if Letterbox ever played “Back to You” at a big festival. But what imprressed me the most was “Waiting On Nothing.” Smart, catchy, summery, it’s just wonderful. Between the mandolin soloing and the glock harmonies, Letterbox sculpted a perfect ear-pleasing summer pop song. It’s the kind of soundtrack you hear in the movies where everyone’s laughing and having fun, or driving across the countryside without a care in the world. It takes you places. And that’s the goal.
As a whole, the EP is intelligent and emotive, with enough pop sensibility to spawn three radio hits. I’m pretty convinced that almost anyone can enjoy their music; with it’s hooks and stick-to-your-brain melodies, it’s calculated, smooth, and seamless. Overall, it’s really just a damn-solid EP, and probably the tightest pop release out of Buffalo this year. I promise you’ll have every song stuck in your head for a week. And you’ll be quite alright with it.


Recommended for fans of: The Goo Goo Dolls, Butch Walker

Stream the EP:

Follow the band:

Catch them live:
Nov. 14- Pierce Arrow w/ Carter Hulsey
Nov. 23- Alternative Buffalo 107.7’s Localized



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