EPs: Ellsworth (s/t)

Two weeks ago, Ellsworth shared with us their roaring emo-revivalist thriller, “Lisa,” and last week they showed us that Ellsworth has a little bit more up their sleeve than power pop.

Ellsowrth’s debut EP touches on all of the tricks of 90s alt rock, but brings a more intelligent angle to the whole thing. Sort of the IDM” to 21st century emo rock. With well-versed lines like, “so at least now i can try to achieve all of the things you said that I couldn’t do and wish that we were dancing in our own pas de deux,” Ellsworth prove they’re a little ahead of the rest of the scene. Their songs are honest and transparent, and aren’t afraid to sink into desperation or hopelessness, and what’s better is that they’re not afraid to let you in on it. Lines like “Father didn’t ignore me” speak to a now-grown-up generation with good upbringings that somehow were still left dissatisfied. Maybe that means it’s just in our blood. Tackling themes of loneliness and discontent aren’t easily done on break up albums, but some how they pull it off. However, what truly sets Ellsworth apart is their genre bending ambodexterity. From “Lisa,” Wheeler and co. tap on post-punk monotone, Weezer-sparked alt rock, and end with a bang on one final punk rollercoaster of a track. She Fell’s up and down matches its heavy lyrical content perfectly. Through all of it, Ellsworth skips through these genres with ease and coherence, a talent that many bands are still working on. It all fits together perfectly.

The best is still yet to come from Ellsworth, and if their debut EP tells us anything, it’s a sign that Buffalo emo is changing. Ellsworth is a breath of fresh air in a genre that has become so stale. Whatever they tell you, this is a revival. And Ellsworth is a new leader of it.


Recommended for fans of: Modern Baseball, Weezer (Pinkerton-era), Brand New

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Key Track: Mutuality



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