On the Lookout: A Guide to Upcoming Releases

This week, in lieu of reviews on the present, we’ll be focused on both the past and the future. As of right now, this is just a short list of the many upcoming releases from some of the best Buffalo has to offer, and a little about the previous releases these artists have shared. They are in no particular order at all.

As more details are given on these releases and more releases are announced, this post will be updated.

1. For the Record
Formed by members of Kill the Clock, Wild Card, HolKampany, and Dollar Diplomacy, this Buffalo supergroup is currently at work on their debut EP. You can listen to their demos here and check out their other/previous bands below:
 Kill the Clock, Wild Card, HolKampany, Dollar Diplomacy
2. Sweet Apollo
Details are still TBA, but Sweet Apollo plan to release a few more tracks. Will we get another EP? An album? Either way, the Renaissance favorites are sure to deliver. Check out the review of their brilliant Great Deluge EP here, and listen for yourself here to understand why we need these new tracks.
3. The Gentleman’s Quarrel
The Gentleman’s Quarrel are at work on their next release, due summer 2015. Joe Bennett assures, “It will be GQ at its best!” Check out the review of their debut, Sam, here, and listen for yourself here.
4. Yesterday Vs. Tomorrow
YV2 is currently writing what will be “everything that Aurora Borealis wasn’t.” LP2 is due for fall 2015. A secret winter project has been hypothesized, but no detail is available. Check out Aurora Borealis here.
5. Contender/Sacklunch
Nathan Gambino informs, “We’re writing stuff now, and hitting the studio soon! Hopefully this fall!” Enough said. Check out Renaissance’s favorite punk release here.
6. No Vacancy
No Vacancy are currently writing their follow-up to this year’s self-tiled EP. Read the review here.
7. Stock Car Boys
The Gypsy Queen EP coming soon. Each of the songs will first be released as singles. Check out the debut single here, and read the review here.

Keep checking back frequently to know what to look for and when to look for it.


Single of the Week: The Lime Line’s “What’s Left?”

It’s an odd story, The Lime Line. One single. Their only release. And then they just vanished. It’s really the stuff legends are made of. Sort of like that mystery singer from earlier this year (they found him by the way)…. So…. that’s what this review is wholly dedicated to. Forming an urban legend around what was The Lime Line.

Well, maybe I’ll just tell the truth instead….

Now the legend has it that Whitecar, Benstead, Kim, Andrews, and Will were once travelers from a distant world not unlike our own. In that world, pop punk was actually creative, and inspiring, and emo had a more positive connotation in society. Looking down at Earth, these travelers decided that it needed to experience the same joys that they had back home. After much debate and many terrible, violent, ungodly ideas, they concluded that the only effective way to do this would be to give us just one song. One 5-minute manual of how to make pop punk sound interesting and enjoyable. And then they just…disappeared… I assume they went back to their home without saying hello or goodbye. Maybe they visited a new world to do the same. Can we ever know? Now, some say that the drummer of Ellsworth bears an eerie, striking similarity to Lime Line vocalist Benstead (I don’t see it), and supposedly the drummer from 3 Hour Power Shower has modeled his image after Tyler Will as some sort of channeling of his abilities. Regardless, their influence remains, and we have this otherworldy doctrine. If all goes as planned, future pop punk acts will take heed of The Lime Line’s advice.


Get the single, that’s all you can do:


EPs: Letterbox (s/t)

Yesterday Vs. Tomorrow was playing at the Tralf the other day with some pretty great bands, and I noticed Andrew Douglas writing on some pieces of cardboard. At a closer look, it turned out he was hand-printing a stack of EPs to give out at the show. Now, I’m a sucker for all things DIY so of course, I offered to buy one, but he refused and gave it to me for free. I listened to it the next day and was instantly captivated by the disco-drums and catchy synths of “Dizzy,” and imagined what it’d be like to wave a lighter with a thousand people if Letterbox ever played “Back to You” at a big festival. But what imprressed me the most was “Waiting On Nothing.” Smart, catchy, summery, it’s just wonderful. Between the mandolin soloing and the glock harmonies, Letterbox sculpted a perfect ear-pleasing summer pop song. It’s the kind of soundtrack you hear in the movies where everyone’s laughing and having fun, or driving across the countryside without a care in the world. It takes you places. And that’s the goal.
As a whole, the EP is intelligent and emotive, with enough pop sensibility to spawn three radio hits. I’m pretty convinced that almost anyone can enjoy their music; with it’s hooks and stick-to-your-brain melodies, it’s calculated, smooth, and seamless. Overall, it’s really just a damn-solid EP, and probably the tightest pop release out of Buffalo this year. I promise you’ll have every song stuck in your head for a week. And you’ll be quite alright with it.


Recommended for fans of: The Goo Goo Dolls, Butch Walker

Stream the EP:

Follow the band:

Catch them live:
Nov. 14- Pierce Arrow w/ Carter Hulsey
Nov. 23- Alternative Buffalo 107.7’s Localized


EPs: Ellsworth (s/t)

Two weeks ago, Ellsworth shared with us their roaring emo-revivalist thriller, “Lisa,” and last week they showed us that Ellsworth has a little bit more up their sleeve than power pop.

Ellsowrth’s debut EP touches on all of the tricks of 90s alt rock, but brings a more intelligent angle to the whole thing. Sort of the IDM” to 21st century emo rock. With well-versed lines like, “so at least now i can try to achieve all of the things you said that I couldn’t do and wish that we were dancing in our own pas de deux,” Ellsworth prove they’re a little ahead of the rest of the scene. Their songs are honest and transparent, and aren’t afraid to sink into desperation or hopelessness, and what’s better is that they’re not afraid to let you in on it. Lines like “Father didn’t ignore me” speak to a now-grown-up generation with good upbringings that somehow were still left dissatisfied. Maybe that means it’s just in our blood. Tackling themes of loneliness and discontent aren’t easily done on break up albums, but some how they pull it off. However, what truly sets Ellsworth apart is their genre bending ambodexterity. From “Lisa,” Wheeler and co. tap on post-punk monotone, Weezer-sparked alt rock, and end with a bang on one final punk rollercoaster of a track. She Fell’s up and down matches its heavy lyrical content perfectly. Through all of it, Ellsworth skips through these genres with ease and coherence, a talent that many bands are still working on. It all fits together perfectly.

The best is still yet to come from Ellsworth, and if their debut EP tells us anything, it’s a sign that Buffalo emo is changing. Ellsworth is a breath of fresh air in a genre that has become so stale. Whatever they tell you, this is a revival. And Ellsworth is a new leader of it.


Recommended for fans of: Modern Baseball, Weezer (Pinkerton-era), Brand New

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Key Track: Mutuality