Single of the Week: Mags’ “Basement”

Former Malones’ bassist Elliott Douglas has launched a raucous, garage-pop solo outfit under the moniker, Mags. And it’s absolutely great. Buffalo has a fine, recent history of putting out raw, Strokes-inspired indie pop, and Mags is here to further the collective.

“Basement” is as straightforward as it gets. Musically, lyrically, and stylistically, Douglas gets right to the point. Over the 2/4 hopping chorus, he belts “I know you can do better than me,” while the fuzzed guitars ring out punk rock chords. There are no questions, no ambiguity of what Mags is about: raw, pure rock ‘n’ roll. As the Rolling Stones put it, “I know it’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but I like it.” And it’s that same simplicity that echoes through Mags’ “Basement.” This energetic, punk-meets-indie is sure to stick in your head and find its way into half of your playlists.


Recommended for fans of: The Strokes, Made Violent, Parquet Courts

Buy the single:
Follow the band:

Catch them live:
Oct 16 (tba)


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