EPs: No Vacancy (s/t)

Don’t be fooled by their age, this is a serious alternative pop/rock force that is slowly turning heads and garnering attention across WNY. Honestly, these guys are really, really, really good.

Now, I don’t need to say it, but I will. Judging from mere photographs, a lot of people may write the band off as a bunch of high school kids making loud music in their garage. They look like a million bands around the country doing the same thing (ever see that Weezer cover?). But before you make your auditorium talent show one off assumptions, actually listen  to this EP. Bask in the sunny, bass-driven “Chasing Reason,” dance to the instrumental, high-energy “Funk Song,” or wave your lighter to “Broken.” It’s all so great; however, the strongest track here, “Drown,” gives the greatest implications of not only what No Vacancy are doing, but where they’re going. The song’s obvious Cobain-influences are compelling. Living proof that Nirvana still affects kids the way they did back in the 90s. The ominous oohs and gradual buildup explode with Sosnowski’s massive riffing, crafting an alt pop instant classic. And Tuck croons and dives, with a monotoned hush, resembling a  laid-back Rivers Cuomo. His vocals are incredibly strong, and the rest of the bandmates’ are every bit as strong. This band has an incredible amount of potential, and if this EP says anything, it’s that their next release will be brilliant.

Recommended for fans of: Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Weezer

Buy the album:
Follow the band:

Catch them live:
Oct. 7-Waiting Room (Studio)

no vac


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