Single of the Week: Ellsworth’s “Lisa”

Following in the footsteps of Modern Baseball and The Hotelier, Ellsworth is resuscitating the genre that went so flat and lifeless in the last decade. With their raw energy and powerful tracks Ellsworth bring us back to the days of SDRE and American Football. Powerful drums, crunchy rhythms, searing leads, and Wheeler’s inflectious, infectious vocals on this debut single introduce what is and what will be Ellsworth. It’s raw and dirty, with enough energy to power Buffalo for a month. And it’s as strong as it is raw. Ellsworth have burst through the gate with “Lisa,” and it seems like there won’t be much to stop them.


Recommended for fans of:
Modern Baseball, Brand New, Sunny Day Real Estate

Buy the single:
Follow the band:

Catch them live:
Sept. 27- Rock the Commons (Fredonia, NY)- *EP RELEASE*



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