Single of the Week: Kill The Clock’s “Me Too”

Ever since I first saw Kill the Clock live at the YV2 Christmas show, they’ve been one of my favorite live bands in the area. From there, I saw them do an entire set of Beatles covers, don cowboy outfits, and play Strokes songs almost as well as the Strokes. Each of their songs have this inescapably lovable quality, like hearing all of your favorite music from high school all at once. And “Me Too” is no exception. From the intro staccato grooves to the massive power chords, “Me Too” is everything you loved about pop punk’s early days and everything you adored (pun very, very intended) about Brit pop’s late days. Morganti’s leads explode, and McCormick and Hoare’s back-and-forth put the band’s chemistry on display here. Despite forming just a year ago, Kill the Clock sounds like they’ve been playing together for years, and that’s largely due to Tutuska’s infallible drum prowess. If you can get past the muddy production, Kill The Clock might just suffice your need for an Oasis reunion.

Overall, the song excels in composition and musicianship, but you really have to see KTC live to know what it’s all about. Unfortunately, that’s how it goes for most local acts. But seriously, get to their shows. I guarantee you won’t regret it.


Recommended for fans of: Oasis, The Strokes, Blink 182

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