Single of the Week: The Noble Company’s “Attic Band Blues”

I almost feel like I don’t really need to write anything. I mean, the title really says it all. So thanks for writing the review for me, Noble Company.

The Noble Company’s “Attic Band Blues” is a 3.5 minute rush of adrenaline from start to finish. Strokes-inspired garage blues guitars and fluid drum fills pulsate through the attic-band production, while McGowan howls line after line with ferocity and urgency. You can’t help but picture Jim Morrison convulsing on stage or Ian Curtis “dancing to the radio” when McGowan starts opening up here. And then it’s over.

This is one of the shorter reviews I’ve done here, but what else can you really say? This is an ultra-solid attic band blues track. No tricks, no gimmicks, just three and a half minutes of blistering blues rock. And maybe that’s all we really need.


Recommended for fans of: The Doors, Joy Division, The White Stripes

Download the song:

Follow the band:



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