LPs: CrashFuse’s “Between You, Me, and the Lamppost”

It’s a strange world we live in, isn’t it?

Well, the music industry is even stranger these days. Ever since indie went pop, the whole rhythm (pun very much intended) of it all has been disrupted, and I really can’t tell you if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I also can’t tell you if it’s because of Nirvana or streaming services, but that’s pretty far from the point. Regardless, we wouldn’t have CrashFuse without it.

Since the indie pop explosion, countless bands have been trying to cut the crossover hit that alternative radio stations (Does Buffalo have the only one that isn’t XM?) adore and facebook fans plaster across their timelines, and most of the bands that achieve this end up one-hit-wonders.

Enter CrashFuse. This album could easily spawn 11 of those hits (track 7 is an instrumental interlude that may even be one of the best tracks here). With angular rhythm guitars, powerful drum tracks, spacey leads, Hornberger’s melodramatic vocals, and a few little acoustic numbers, CrashFuse have all the ingredients for a big hit here.

Now, many will say (and I tend to agree) that filling an album with all singles that have such a long run-time (the album clocks in at 45+ minutes) can detract from the fluidity and cohesiveness of a work. But, we’re not in 1995 anymore, and CrashFuse understand that. They’re catering to the audience that surrounds them. Whether you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing, people are going to love this album. It’s perfectly tailored and masterfully executed to sell a LOT of copies. If CrashFuse doesn’t break out by next year, I’ll give up writing.


Recommended for fans of: Kings of Leon, Young the Giant, Foo Fighters

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Key Track: “Sweet Routine”



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