EPs: Improbable Cause (s/t)

After my first week of doing grad school and working nearly full time simultaneously, I’m exhausted. Totally burnt out. And I can’t be the only one. Honestly, I’m having trouble not falling asleep on my laptop writing this review. So this morning when I woke up to write, these songs finally really caught me.

This is music for exhausted people. Young even belts it in the first 15 seconds. Underneath the summery pop-jams, stories of despair, weariness, and hope drive the songs from chorus to chorus. This all comes to life at “Crash,” the climax of it all. It’s as if Young is trying to reach out and touch her audience on the shoulder and say, “Hey. It’s okay, we get it and everything will be alright.”

Though it’s a pretty straightforward acoustic pop/rock EP, “Improbable Cause” is full of surprises. The rap-bridge of “Find the Line,” the noise-rock-inspired guitar solo of “Girl With the Jet Black Hair,” or Hannon’s Dave Matthews-esque backing vocals keep everything interesting here, each piece building to the whole theme of it all. This is an extremely well-written album, and I’m sure Improbable Cause will find its way to your final cookouts and last-ditch bonfires as summer begins to close. Winter may be on its way, but you can ride out every last minute of summer with these sunny acoustic jams.


Recommended for fans of: Dave Matthews Band, Of Monsters and Men

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Key Track: “Crash”



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