Single of the Week: Digital Afterlife’s “Legacy of Lies/ In a Way”

Dichotomy (n): a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups or entities (Merriam Webster).

Digital Afterlife has been astounding fans across Buffalo with their post-goth/industrial electronica since 2011. 2013’s “Binary Consciousness” demonstrated to us that the Burt brothers could recreate Trent Reznor’s years of work with new life and breath, but a band can only get so far with another’s sound.

This is exactly the reason why these two singles aren’t just good music–These singles are important.

Legacy of Lies and In a Way signify the purest form of growth. Like Revolver and The Bends, these single have began to carve out a new sound, a new atmosphere, a new vibe. Shaking off a bit of the doom and darkness of Binary Consciousness, the brothers decided that they’d rather make you dance than scare your children, and the result is breathtaking.

Perhaps their most stunning element is the dichotomy between these singles. The fiery eruptions of Legacy of Lies are cooled by the icy, desolate vibes of In a Way. The pyrotechnic drums of Legacy are softened by the glassy synths of In a Way, and the solitary croons of the latter are sharpened by the yelps and moans of the former. These songs fuse together so perfectly, so unexpectedly, one can only imagine what’s to come. The Burts will have us all on the edge of our seats waiting, impatiently, for the next release.


Recommended for fans of: Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin, Jon Hopkins

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