EPs: Sweet Apollo’s “The Great Deluge”

0:00 Piano keys softly fall like rain drops into your lap.
0:19 Those few rain drops become a shower.
1:11 Thunder and light cascade down.
1:21 Let the downpour begin.
3:12 Those few raindrops have submerged everything around us, but we’re not too worried about it. As a matter of fact, we’re gonna swim in the floods and have ourselves an unforgettable time.

And that’s just the first four minutes of Sweet Apollo’s new EP.

For the remaining duration of the titanic four-song collection, LaShomb et al take you by the hand and guide you through deep waters, European homes, nuclear winters, even the highest of the heavens. Sweet Apollo haven’t just played songs here, they’ve carefully and meticulously crafted a work of art that soars high above the clouds and dives to the deepest trenches. In just under 16 minutes, the Buffalo champions have managed to build an entire lifetime of soundtrack here. Whether you’re a fan of the indie pop game or not, these classically charged, radio approved, compositionally brilliant songs will find their way into your temporal lobe and never leave. This is music you can live to.


Recommended for fans of: U2, Coldplay, The Killers

Buy the EP:

Follow the band:

Key Track: “Paris Basement”



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