Welcome to the Rust Belt.

Over the past 70 years or so, Buffalo has become a sort of flagship of economic grief and grey, amorphous culture. Lovely. After a ~50% decrease in population, the city has seen some of its darkest days, but we’re still here.

Enough with the economics, get to the music, man. Well, whether as a result or a coincidence, the Buffalo music scene has experienced its own dark days. Ridden with hardcore, deathcore, metalcore, emocore, or whatever place-adjective-here-core you can name, we haven’t exactly teemed with new species of creative, artful music for a while here. You can blame the economy or you can blame Hot Topic and the mall rock regime, but either way blaming isn’t what solved the problem. Honestly, nobody really knows for sure what did solve the problem. All of a sudden the city just exploded with an army of bands ready to dive head first into uncharted waters. Some look like classics you love, and some look like nothing you’ve ever seen: be it the brit pop-infused punk rock of Kill the Clock, the summery jams of Improbable Cause, or the ska-turned-R&B brass-kickers of Wild Card. They’ve all come together to soundtrack the revival of Buffalo. This isn’t just a handful of musical do-gooders. This is a Renaissance

And The Renaissance Review is here to guide you through it.

For now, as a fledgling blog on a free word space, Renaissance won’t be covering too much in news; however, it will concentrate on reviews. Every Saturday, a new review will reach your computer screen to inform you of who’s doing what in the new Buffalo scene. Keep up to date on who to look out for, where to catch them live, and whether their album is worth your time.


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